Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Missing Girl - Jenny Quintana

The Missing Girl by Jenny Quintana is a gripping novel full of twists and turns, and a desperate hunt to solve a decades-old mystery. Anna Flores was just a child when her adored teenage sister disappeared. Unable to deal with the pain, Anna took the first opportunity she had to run from her fractured family, eventually building a life for herself abroad. Now, thirty years on, her mother has died, and Anna must return home to sort through her possessions. In doing so, she has to confront the huge hole her sister's disappearance left in their lives, leaving just one question unanswered: what really happened to Gabriella? Because not knowing is worse than the truth. Isn't it?

The story of a family fractured by the disappearance of young daughter, Gabriella. The book examines the grief of now knowing the truth, and how it makes you question everything causing Anna to run as far away as she could, as soon as possible.

It alternates between 1982 and the present day (which partly made the book difficult to read for me, some people enjoy this time slip but just personally I find it detracts from the story) and examines the different ways the family members cope with the disappearance. Blame, guilt, shock, denial all huge parts in how the family deal with their grief.

When Anna's mother dies thirty years later she returns for the funeral and gets drawn once again into the mystery that surrounds this family shattering tragedy. 

The outcome surprised me and over all I found it a satisfying read. I did however find it a slow burner, but was not disappointed that I gave it the time it needed to read.

If you like a book to get your teeth into and make you think, this is a good candidate!

With thanks to Annabelle at ed_pr for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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