Tuesday, 18 July 2017

5* review - Blood Sisters by Jane Corry

Kitty lives in a care home. She can't speak properly, and she has no memory of the accident that put her here. At least that's the story she's sticking to.
Art teacher Alison looks fine on the surface. But the surface is a lie. When a job in a prison comes up she decides to take it - this is her chance to finally make things right.
But someone is watching Kitty and Alison.
Someone who wants revenge for what happened that sunny morning in May.
And only another life will do...


Artist, Alison clearly has secrets in her past. Big ones.
She is struggling to make ends meet teaching art classes in a local authority college, so wonders if a job for an art teacher turning up on her staff noticeboard is serendipity. The only drawback is it's at a prison. The thought chills Alison to the core.

Kitty has brain damage and is in a home. She isn't sure exactly what happened to make her like this but is angry. Angry she can't talk, angry she can't remember and angry that she's not quite sure about some people and why she's scared of them. Why can't she remember?

Alison gets in deeper and deeper at the prison and starts receiving threatening messages. She does not know who she can trust and is put in a terrifying position where her life is in danger. 

Kitty's life changes irrevocably and she struggles even more to cope.

A secret is revealed that changes lives forever.

I loved Jane's previous novel, My Husband's Wife, but I loved Blood Sisters even more. Such a gripping story and so well written. The characters had me hooked from the start and I loved how the plot played out. The twists shocked me, I had certainly not guessed the way things were going!

A highly recommended read!

Many thanks the publisher for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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