Monday, 30 May 2016

5* review: My Husband's Wife - Jane Corry

When lawyer Lily marries Ed, she's determined to make a fresh start. To leave the secrets of the past behind.
But then she meets Joe. A convicted murderer who reminds Lily of someone she once knew, and who she becomes obsessed with freeing.
But is he really innocent?
And who is she to judge?

Lily and Ed are recently married and not getting on as well as Lily would like, Ed is distant and displaying his artistic temperament a little too much for her liking. She is a defence lawyer and facing the task of proving herself in a particularly difficult case, representing convicted murderer, Joe Thomas, a man with a strange and addictive personality who reminds Lily of her late brother, Daniel. There are more secrets in that closet!

They live next door to Francesca and daughter Carla. They are Italian and Carla is frequently bullied for standing out and being very different to the other children. Her mother has two jobs, one seemingly more moral than the other, and does not give Carla too much of her time (although Carla clearly adores her) so is grateful when Lily and Ed take to babysitting her on Sundays. Something that will see their lives permanently interwoven and not in a positive way

Lily discovers Francesca's secret and shatters little Carla's life apart.

When Carla rediscovers them as an adult and sees their life through mature eyes she realises they were not the couple she first thought, and implements the plan she has been devising.

My Husband's Wife really is a good, multidimensional story to sink your teeth into. I was very quickly hooked by the alternating chapters narrated by Lily and Carla, and was endeared to Carla as a child, until a different side of her started to appear.

It really shines upon the fact of good and bad in people and who is the judge of who is what? Each of the characters has a balanced blend of both and I found myself liking characters I didn't think I should (Joe Thomas!).

Safe to say this is an excellent, dark psychological tale and one that I will enjoy rereading time and again.

Many thanks to the publishers for providing an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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