Thursday, 6 August 2015

Wickham Hall: Part Two - Summer Secrets by Cathy Bramley - 5* review!

Summertime at Wickham Hall is hard to beat. The sun is out, the gardens are in full bloom, and the Summer Festival is just around the corner.

With a clipboard in one hand and her diary in the other, Holly Swift is in her element. She’s even warming to Ben, her disorganised, spontaneous (if very attractive) boss who occasionally drives her mad.

But as the festival rolls near, a family secret from the past threatens to rain down on Holly’s parade. Can she weather the storm, or is this a problem not even Holly can plan her way out of?

Wickham Hall is an utterly feel-good story told in four parts – following Holly Swift’s attempt at organising her own happy-ever-after, one catastrophe at a time. Summer Secrets is part two.

We return to Wickham Hall with a summer bang! Preparations for the summer festival are in full swing, and with a lovely touch of it being Lord and Lady Fortescue's 30th anniversary at Wickham Hall which is to be celebrated in style.

The pearl anniversary theme is celebrated well, and Holly Swift's new, yet slightly laid back and reluctant boss (and heir to the Wickham Hall estate), Benedict actually seems to be pulling his weight. Holly and co. are still run ragged but the festival seems to be a huge success.

We delve deeper in to Holly's family life and the secrets surrounding her birth - and are left with a blinding realisation settling in the pit of Holly's stomach that could change everything.

I love everything about the Wickham Hall series, the description of the house and grounds is particularly beautiful and the characters have a special way of drawing you into their story. All this along with Cathy's dry, observant wit and the general loveliness of the plot make the second installment of Wickham Hall a winner. Can't wait for part three!

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