Sunday, 15 February 2015

As Good as it Gets by Fiona Gibson

“Midlife crisis? WHAT midlife crisis?!”

Charlotte Bristow is worried about her husband Will. With her 16-year-old daughter Rosie newly signed to a top modelling agency, and Will recently out of a job, things are changing in their household.

As Will dusts down his old leather trousers and starts partying with their new, fun neighbours, Charlotte begins to wonder what on earth is going on.

So when Fraser, Charlotte’s ex – and father of Rosie – suddenly arrives back on the scene, she starts to imagine what might have been…

I have only recently discovered Fiona Gibson when I bought Mum on the Run to read over the Christmas holidays. I really enjoyed it and wanted to read more from her so was excited when I saw that this has been released. I did then realise I have quite a lot of her back catalogue in ebook and paperback form anyway!

I really like her observational wit and basic telling it like it is! The way she describes family life is insightful, truthful, and hilarious. 

Charlotte's relationship with Will is steadily breaking down. Family matters such as 16 year old Rosie being scouted by a modelling agency (Will has been Rosie's stepfather since she was a baby after Charlotte was abandoned by 'real dad' Fraser) which Will is certainly not keen on, puts a further strain on their already struggling relationship. As does Will's unemployed status after he was made redundant several months earlier.

Charlotte muddles through, happy with her job and her life in general, if only her and Will could get back to a happier place, when things are made even more complicated by her receiving an email from Rosie's birth father, Fraser, her first true love, and when a sexy, fun new neighbour, Sabrina, who thinks Will is some kind of God in the kitchen and out, befriends the family, things start to spiral from bad to worse, leaving Charlotte wondering if the grass really is greener on the other side.

There really wasn't a character in this book that I disliked, well maybe Delph, a bit character model friend of Rosie's, she's every parents nightmare of a friend for their teenage daughter, but aside from her there was nobody that really irritates, a trait I find appealing in a book! 

The story reads well and the ending is lovely. I did find the story line relatively similar to Mum on the Run however, that would be my only criticism? But it certainly wouldn't be criticism enough to not read the rest of Gibson's back catalogue as I really do enjoy her writing style and the way she develops her characters, especially her leading ladies.

As Good as it Gets is a fun read, well written and with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. 

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